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JUNE 2007
DRINK & DRUGS - 6.29.07
What Would Jesus Smoke?

The First Amendment to the Constitution is an iron-clad document that rigorously defends the free speech rights of all Americans -- unless you are a high-school student questioning the wisdom of the war on drugs, the Supreme Court ruled recently. In a 5-4 split decision, the high court ruled against an Alaskan teenager who displayed a banner saying "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" during a school-sanctioned event because the message could be interpreted as promoting drug use. That decision gives schools new authority to censor students' speech, says free speech advocates. "It imposes new restrictions on student speech rights and creates a drug exception to the First Amendment," said Steven Shapiro, national director of the ACLU. May as well just install the Bill of Rights as toilet paper in the sixth grade lavatory. Thankfully the Supreme Court has yet to put such limits on the press, or we never could've seen this genius Times piece of investigative journalism that reveals "coke is the new weed." Way to spot a trend, newspaper of record.
PORN - 6.28.07
Cum, Sail Away!

Maybe it's the hours spent on a Fire Island beach, or sympathy pains over Fleet weeks passed, but something has gotten us all hot and bothered over Sailors lately. Something about tough straight men stuck on a ship together for months at a time has our minds churning with possibilities. So, in honor of our naughty nautical friends, we present three dirty videos highlighting the evolution of Sailor Sex (at least how we see it!): We begin with 'Zach's maiden voyage,' where whacking off alone is still enough, then move onto 'Anthony and Chris's contest' as the boys get more restless, and finally end with 'Patrick and Ryan' who throw their hetero-status out the window and fuck the shit out of each other...

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CITY LIVING - 6.26.07
Who the fuck is Cisco Adler's balls?

That whole "Cisco Adler's balls" joke just keeps getting stretched further and further. While recently hosting the MTV Movie Awards, comedian Sarah Silverman said that she won't "see any movie longer than Cisco Adler's balls. Google it. It'll be a great later laugh." Of course, the next day the term got a ton of hits. Who the fuck is Cisco Adler? He's the former boyfriend of that untalented beanpole of an actress, Mischa Barton from The O.C.. Much more interesting than Cisco Adler is "Cisco Alder's balls."
PORN - 6.25.07
Damien and The Arm

Sometimes straight boys are scary. Especially when they figure out they're being set-up with a gay dude to do porn. We had hoped to get the hairy punk, who calls himself "The Arm", to get his dick sucked by our gay friend, Damien. The Arm figured our plan out and made it clear that no one should touch him! Damn it! Watch as Damien sneaks looks at The Arm's package while they jerk-off to straight porn. But really Damien is jerking off to the straight boy on the couch next to him. Once Damien sees The Arm shoot his load, he joins him!

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PORN - 6.22.07
Cumming on Florida
Miami Boys

What's better than going to Florida? Cumming in Florida, of course! These hot studs use Miami's beaches, pools, and bathrooms as their personal playground...sucking and fucking their way through the sunshine state. Dorothy and Blanche look out, these Golden Boys are taking over!!

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CITY LIVING - 6.20.07
Bio-Dome 2:
Punk as Fuck

Does it get any more rock & roll than this? A fledgling punk band hides away from the outside world, fighting against the clock -- and themselves -- to churn out an album in 20 days. Only this time the fledgling band is a Southern pop-punk act called Cartel on the major label Epic Records, the hideout -- a giant transparent bioshpere located on NYC's Pier 54 on the Hudson River -- is sponsored by Dr. Pepper (how clever) and the whole thing is being recorded for an MTV special called, um, Band in a Bubble.
Fans from all around the globe can log onto to watch all the fizzy pop-punk action from 23 webcams strategically placed throughout the entire bubble complex, one of which caught some real punk danger when winds from the menacing tropical storm Barri shattereda plate-glass window at the entrance on Day 10. Luckily the band members' moms were there cooking dinner at the time it happened to console their frightened little rock-star sons. At the end of 20 days, Cartel will emerge from the bubble to play their new album live for the entire disinterested world to hear. The whole enterprise really begs the question: do NYC drug couriers deliver to biospheres? And does Cartel get a discount because of their name?
PORN - 6.07.07
Free Samples
It's Hot and Sweaty out there!

It's 87 fuckin' degrees in NYC right now. I want to be floating in a pool someplace with palm trees. Oh, and I want to these two hot men floating with me! Mauricio and Vinnie

Fleet Week has come and gone, but who can get their fill of soldier boys in just 7 short days? Any time two authentic military dudes will eat ass while still wearing their sexy sailer caps is worth seeing! Cameron and Scott at YoungRecruits

When I heard the name "Joey Sabbath" (pictured on the right) I expected some pathetic Ozzy wanna be, covered in tattoos with over-dyed hair and and some uncomfortable looking facial piercings. Fortunately, I was wrong. This kid acts all tough and shit, but when he's jacking off, he shows his pussy boy side! Check it out here: Joey Sabbath at YouLoveJack

Politically incorrect satires with perverse social criticism and hot hardcore man-fucking from NYC? Who would have thought? See the trailer here (NOT for the squeamish - that means you, Nancy!): GAYTANAMO on NakedSword

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DRINK & DRUGS - 6.01.07
Wasting Away
in Margaritaville

I just received a very important telegram from the Headquarters of Team Substance Abuse, it's breaking news: The summer of 2007 is The Summer of Tequila! Weird, cause I was just downing some key lime margaritas on my porch the other night thinking the exact same thing. Luckily, NYC is full of watering holes to meet all your tequila needs. In the City, the Cowgirl Hall of Fame on Hudson makes them strong and sweet with fresh fruit and Cuervo. Out in downtown Brooklyn, Rodeo Bar serves 'em up with a chaser of Lonestar beer and live honky-tonk music. But the top choice is our old standby the Turkey's Nest Tavern in Williamsburg, where 10 bucks gets you a deadly 32 oz. margarita in a Styrofoam cup to go -- just enough fuel to stumble home to start mixing another round of my favorite key lime concoctions.
PORN - 6.01.07
Sober and Sexy
Watch Mark Beat His Meat!

I know you may not believe it, but we do like some guys who aren't slutty gambling addict drug fiends. Like this guy. Mark is like an endangered species...a sober college grad, dedicated to hitting the gym 4 times a week. He also loves to show off his fruits of labor. We're lucky to get a first glimpse...for free of course!

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CITY LIVING - 6.01.07
Coney Island High

In case you need any more proof that New York is slowly turning into one sprawling, urban suburb, this summer is the last summer of the famous Astroland amusement park on the beach of Coney Island in Brooklyn. Over the years Coney Island has evolved from chic waterfront resort to a seedy mecca for Three-card Monte dealers and prostitutes to a quirky destination that houses the boardwalking freaks at the Circus Sideshow and serves up the world-famous Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. The Astroland park -- home to the 80-year-old Cyclone roller coaster, the Wonder Wheel and a whole midway full of carnival games -- was recently sold to a developer for &1.5 billion and is closing at the end this season (the Cyclone will remain open). Be sure to catch the venerable Mermaid Parade (June 23) and the Village Voice's Siren Festival (July 21) before the wrecking balls descend.
DRINK & DRUGS - 6.01.07
Where's the Motherfucking Cheese At?

Apparently our fine nation can't go just a few months without freaking the fuck out over a new fucking drug epidemic that is threatening to undermine the very fiber of our existence by hooking our poor little children to hardcore narcotics (remember the candy meth scare?). Ain't nobody condoning kids using drugs here, but when the media pick up on some random drug trend like this new "starter heroin" called Cheese (a powder mixture of crushed up Tylenol PM capsules and a small amount of Mexican tar heroin) that and broadcast it to the world, it's probably not protecting the kiddies. It's more like free Cheese advertisement for drug dealers everywhere -- if the first people to pick up on the trend ain't drug dealers looking to cash in on the hype, it probably will be curious wee ones. Who would've ever thought Dominos Pizza would be a gateway drug?
CITY LIVING - 6.01.07
Climbing Up
Jacob's Ladder

Not only is designer Marc Jacobs looking pretty fucking hot with his slamming new bod, he also recently discovered an amazing little secret about getting fucked up after going rehab -- it's not the end of the fucking world. "I'd had a relapse and started to drink a bit, and got involved in going to parties and doing things I shouldn't be doing," he tells Fashion Week Daily. "But it wasn't so awful."

Marc recently got a "J" tatt in honor of his on-again, off-again boyfriend, the alleged former escort Jason Preston. The drama over the relationship is getting ink in all the NYC gossip rags, but even better are the hater comments that were left about Marc and his boy toy on

"Gee, he started hanging out with a Rent-Boy 20 years younger and surprise, started living an unhealthy lifestyle. Next you'll tell me the Rent-Boy does meth.. ::Shocked Gasp::" -- Cambel

"Those two junkie cock gobblers are greasier looking than Germain Jackson. Creepy." -- Flabiker

"Tough to tell who is top and who is bottom… NOT!!!" -OP

"No Vices???????????? What do you call that MONKEY clinging to his back????" - JUST JAK
QUEER VIDEO - 6.01.07
Gay Fighting Fucking Force?
You Can Ride My Tail Anytime!

This isn't the newest thing in the Youtube world, but it's the fucking best. Gay Top Gun features a scene from the forgotten movie Sleep With Me where Quentin Tarantino discusses the finer points of how fucking obviously gay all the characters in the '80s blockbuster Top Gun are. Maverick? Faggot! Ice? Total queen! The cheesy last scene? Swordfight!!

Quentin's complete dialogue from Sleep With Me is pretty classic as well.
Now I Wanna Be
Your Doggie Style!

They say write what you know about, and Iggy Pop certainly seems to know a thing or two about his famously large cock. On the new record from the reunited Stooges, The Weirdness, the skinny-assed punk legend obsessively sings about his dick with poetic lines like "My dick is turning into a tree." Certainly follows in the grand tradition of his old classic hit, "Cock In My Pocket."

"You write about things of importance to you," Iggy says. "And it's gotta be for real. Do I think about my dick? All the time. I got a right to sing about it." Hard to argue with that.

Probably a safe bet that that hobbit Elijah Wood won't be doing any Boogie Nights-style full frontals when he plays Iggy in the Iggy Pop biopic The Passenger, due out next year
PORN - 6.01.07
The Crisco Incident!
Butt Pounding Hot Boys!

I've decided this is the best ass plugging videos I've ever had the pleasure of being asked to review for this website. Our friend Patrick has a great sense of humor, and a huge Crisco poster over his bed. He says guys know that he's a power bottom when they see that sign...and his hairy legs in the air! He lets us watch him get plowed by his super-hung uncut friend, Ricky!

Watch Ricky Rams Patrick!


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